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Good home care and a high level of mouth hygiene are the corner stones of a healthy mouth. Dental disease, including gum disease and dental decay, is largely preventable. Regular visits to a Dental Hygienist can significantly reduce the need for treatment by your dentist and save discomfort, inconvenience and money in the future.

Where disease has resulted in damage, advances in modern dentistry mean that we are able to restore your teeth with high quality and aesthetic restorations. This can represent a large investment in time, confidence and your money. In order to protect this investment a high quality preventive regime is of great importance.

Here at the Regent Street Dental Practice we have always tried to promote the importance of good mouth care, both in the prevention of disease and in the maintenance of a healthy mouth. Our Dental Hygienists are important in promoting this message:

  • They are highly trained specialists

  • Assess and treatment of gum disease

  • Skilled educators

  • Trained in the use of local anaesthetics

  • And a number of other dental procedures.

At each visit the Dental Hygienist will:

  • Examine your mouth in detail

  • Formulate a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs

  • Discuss the causes and prevention of dental disease

  • Any other dental issues which may concern you

Our aim is to customise your treatment to meet your needs, to improve your awareness of dental disease and to help you achieve a high level of home care. All this to reduce the need for further dental treatment in the future, in other words a truly preventative approach.


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With our Dental Hygiene Service we will help you feel better about yourself by:

  • Making your mouth feel healthier

  • Eliminating bad breath

  • Giving you the confidence to smile

  • Showing you how to stop decay at the first signs

  • Treating your red and puffy gums, or by stopping your gums from bleeding

  • Removing all stains from tea/coffee etc.

  • Showing you products that work

  • Cleaning and polishing your teeth - helping you to look good in time for a special event in your life (e.g. wedding)

  • Helping to reduce the sensitivity in your teeth and/or gums

  • Reducing the need for dental treatment in the future

Why suffer dental disease when you can enjoy dental health for life?
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