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Beyond Whitening:

Beyond whitening is a whitening treatment that is performed in the practice. This treatment can remove years of staining, in just a one hour appointment. The cold light technology allow stain removal in a safe and comfortable manner.

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Day white:

Day white is a at home whitening kit that allow you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Customised whitening trays are designed.

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Bridges all work in the same way, by bridging the gap left by a missing tooth, a solid crown is place into the gap, and this is secured to the teeth on either side. The difference between bridges is how they are attached to the surrounding teeth.

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A veneer is a new front for a tooth, made from porcelain. They are versatile and can be used to align teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour.

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There are various types of filling material available for use. They range from the most common amalgam fillings, to inlay and outlays. The dentist will always advice you on the best filling material that is suitable for each patient.

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Crowns are used to restore teeth that are severely broken down. They can be made from precious metal fro strength, cover in porcelain and look total natural. 

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